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About Us

SPECTRA VET is a premium veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer established in the Middle East, Jordan in 2008 to serve the growing demand for veterinary medicines in the local and regional markets.

The premises, operation and quality system at SPECTRA VET were established according to the cGMP standards for the purpose of providing high quality reliable veterinary medicines.


From the very start of our activities we proceed from the assumption that the quality of food products plays a major role in determining the quality of human health, as a result SPECTRA VET is dedicated to change millions of lives for the better through providing access to high quality, effective and affordable veterinary medicines that will improve animal health and hence improve the quality of food products.

In Addition to offering agriculture enterprises, dairy, beef and poultry producers a wide range of products to protect and improve animal health, SPECTRA VET helps these enterprises in maximize the profitability of their operations.


Our commitment doesn’t end with our products, our sales division consists of a team of veterinarians that provide our clients with technical support and consultation services to help them prevent and effectively treat animal diseases.

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Picture of Spectra Sal-C   Pow

Spectra Sal-C Pow

QAR 75.00
Picture of Spectra Vit C100  Pow
Picture of Spectra Zanide  Forte  oral